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冠宏住宅設備有限公司創立於 1993 年 ,專業於系統櫃、廚具及浴櫃的生產製造及開發訂製。 不斷的創新以及對品質的要求是冠宏住宅設備有限公司一直以來的堅持,目前引進先進的電腦自動化生產設備以及電腦拆料、財會系統,提供客戶更優質迅速的服務,全面邁向資訊化及系統化作業。


Kuan Hung Residential Equipment Co,. Ltd. Was established in 1993, specialized in custom development of kitchen cabinets, system cabinets and bathroom cabinets.To continuously innovate is a quality requirement for Kuan Hung Enterprise Co., Ltd. by the introduction of advance equipment with computer automation and accounting systems to provide customers with a more rapid service.


冠宏的堅持Kuan Hung Persistence



Continuously upgrading the quality. Kuan hung has also created Ogden, an own brand which’s logo represents the family as the starting point of the design, and being the green font a representative of our direction towards the environmental protection. We established the Ogden Brand concept to enhance consumers towards a better quality of life.


“Leadership, Technology, Humanity” quality in your life



“Smart Light Sensor”
With wet hands in the bathroom of course you don’t want to touch any electrical switches, being this time where the “Smart Light Sensor” safe, convenient, hygienic and stable thoughtful design comes to play, using a concept of intelligent sensor operated switch so that users don’t have to touch any. The materials for the bath cabinets are solid foam sheets, waterproof, humidity moisturized, impact resistant, protected for chemical erosion, pest-free, easy to clean, resistant to impact, have good insulation and can be used repeatly.Between our equipment we have industry leading computerized automatic boards cutting, drilling and edge banding, hiding the screw holes from the design improving the cabinet’s appearance and value.


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